Core Values


Biblical Preaching & Teaching which is Christ-centered and honors the Word of God as the infallible message of God to man. We expect the Word to be preached and taught with confidence, authority, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Authentic Fellowship which creates an environment that is warm and welcoming to all who desire to become part of it. We see our church as a family which desires that all who participate will experience the love of God and want to be part of the family.

Dynamic Worship which is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and honors the mandates and model of worship in God’s Word. We also desire a worship environment which is relevant to the context of our church family and is inclusive of all of its participants.

Relational Evangelism which emphasizes Jesus Christ as our only way of salvation and only hope in an otherwise hopeless world. We desire to equip every member of our family to be a witness of Christ and to support that cause worldwide through missions.

Intentional Discipleship which encourages and equips every member of our family to continue growing spiritually from the moment of salvation to the last breath taken this side of heaven. We desire to equip each other to live life God’s way!

Intercessory Prayer which demonstrates expectant faith in a God that is unlimited in power. We desire that our ministry of prayer continually change us to be more like our God and that it affect others for His glory and their good.

Merciful Ministries which carry the love of Jesus Christ to people who have specific needs and which demonstrate His grace accordingly. We desire that every member of our family be involved in ministry as God has called and gifted them.

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